Todays psychics

Modern psychics

In the 1980’s psychics, mystics and readers were accepted as part of the entertainment industry and hit the big screen in the modern world with there own shows and movies about psychics and curses

Lets take a trip down memory lane and see who was rocking in the 1980’s  and 1900’s

Uri Geller


Uri Gellaris an Israeli magician illusionist and telepathist. He hit the media and TV shows as a paranormal “spoon bender”, mind reader, psychic and an expert in dowsing.

He mingled with A list celebrities such as Micheal Jackson and had been on television all over the world and was even in a horror movie. This got rid of the hocus pocus and introduced  entertainment to the industry.

Geller has claimed his feats are the result of paranormal powers given to him by aliens. but critics such as James Randi have shown that Geller’s powers are more stage tricks than miracles. Geller is an expert in dowsing and charges 1 million pounds to find oil and has become a millionaire a few times over.

It would be true to say many stage magicians have performed Uri’s performances but none have found oil via dowsing like he has or has made the money he has by dowsing.


Jumping to 2001

James Van Praagh an American producer and television personality who described as medium, clairvoyant and author.


He has written numerous books, including New York Times bestseller Talking to Heaven. He co-executive produced the CBS series Ghost whisperer, which he claims is based on his life. He hosted a short-lived paranormal talk show called Beyond with James Van Praagh.

Paranormal investigator Joe nickell claims Van Praagh is a cold reader  or gaining information from sitters beforehand on forms they fill in, although this has never been proven. Group readings improve the odds that at least one person in the audience will identify with a general statement made with conviction, however he may have genuinely connected with spirit. Skeptics went in to state that his shows are edited before airing to appear to be hits and removing anything that does not reflect well on the medium, one can say all shows are edited due to the cost of airtime.

James is a good clairvoyant and has performed many good readings and his spiritual books are positive, however there will always be skeptics.


Across the pond in the U.K. psychic shows were equally as popular.

Colin Fry


Colin Fry a British self proclaimed medium and psychic. He claimed to have discovered psychic ability from the age of four and was a famous medium with shows like the 6th sense and the psychic private eye.

It became public knowledge 1992 that Colin Fry went under the name of Lincoln. During a show as Lincoln the lights came on and Colin was seen holding a trumpet in his hand that he claimed was levitating. He then changed his stage name to Colin Fry. He passed away in 2015 due to lung cancer.

Colin had a big following and his shows were entertaining. However the incident where he was debunked with the trumpet didn’t help his reputation as many skeptics mentioned this time and time again.

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