What is a Hex

What Is a hex and black magic ?

A Hex is a ritual empowered by herbs, candles and the working tools of witch craft. Voodoo practitioners, Warlocks, witches, gurus and spiritualists call this practice black magic. It’s very common to date, in Mexico, Africa, India, Romania, Cyprus and Spain that people will go to a spiritualist. The Hex is made of hemlock ( hair, nails, clothes of the foe) Titan Gods and Goddesses are invoked and potions and candles are lit. The Hex will bring the darkest times within 21 days, one star sign cycle.

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Why do people put a hex or black magic ?

If there has been a relationship ruined by an affair, the spouse cheated would go to either seek revenge to break them up or to cause havoc in their life’s. If someone has a family member that has been hurt and the perpetrators have got away with it in court, then justice is sort after using a Hex, common in gang crime in Mexico and the Usa.

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What is a curse

A curse is based on emotions of jealousy, anger and hate. If there is a group of people gossiping about you, then your name is mentioned out loud, or worse they have a picture of you and your family, then they start criticising as and example.

“Look at what he/she is wearing who do they think they are”

“I can’t stand the way he/she walked in and thought they owned the room”

“Look at them they are not going to last, she’s using him”

These are examples of the creation of energy, by person or persons that wake up the dark spirits that are always around us when darkness falls but they are not visible the the untrained eye.

What are Dark spirits

Earth is over 4.5 billion years old, where ever you stand or live can be holy ground, meaning someone has passed away there. It’s not just grave yards that have spirits, where someone gets murdered or killed in an accident,  creates a spiritual portal, as the soul has exit the body at that point of passing. So imagine after 4.5 billion years?  They are everywhere.

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If a murderer or nasty criminal has passed away, without spiritually redeeming themselves prior to death, ancient scriptures suggest they are a dark spirit when they pass away.  Dark spirits are often on the look out  for atheists as they have no spiritual protection.

They love Ouija board because and are the first to interact with the board and try to become squatter spirits, meaning they will stay in the house after the board is closed. This is also known as a poltergeist.

The gossip curse

Curses are more potent by night, as dark spirits roam our realm. Between 10pm -3am, are known as the most potent hours of invocation. Of Thera alcohol involved which is used in many ritual practices  when the name of the person is mentioned in malice, jealousy, anger or hate, that’s like knocking on the door of a dark energy and sending it to the person or family you are slandering.

How many times have you heard “you know the other night we were slandering Jane last night and someone stole her car. It can be a coincidence or the creation of a curse. In African Voodoo tradition it’s called “cussing” or black tongue wishing bad on a person or persons.

How can I get Protection from Hex, black Magic or a curse ?

The best form of protection is to cleanse your house and yourself. Many people go on about sage cleanses away and energy, it will cleanse bad energy but it will take a bit more than just burning white sage to rid of a Hex.

Here are some useful tips

Frankincense and Myrrh

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Church candles

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These are the key ingredients to remove a bad spirit, Hex or curse from your life. as you can see a little more than sage is required. to gain further insight hit the link below to watch a tutorial.

Removing bad energy

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